Our experts host informational events and participate as thought leaders on panels to showcase the successes and benefits of Outcomes Based Contracting.


Experts with the Southern Education Foundation and our partners host webinars to present strategies for improving student achievement through outcomes-based contracting.

Leveraging Outcomes Based Contracting to Clarify District and Provider Responsibilities
OBC Service Provider Webinar Series
Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2023, 2 p.m. ET on Zoom

Experts will establish a shared vision for focusing on student outcomes and the implications for procurement. We will discuss:

  • What is the process?
  • Who is involved currently at local education agencies (LEAs) and providers?
  • What does mutual accountability look like?

Driving Continuous Improvement through Outcomes Based Contracting
OBC Service Provider Webinar Series
Wednesday, Feb 7, 2024, 2 p.m. ET on Zoom

Experts will identify opportunities for collaboration with OBC-participating districts and the flow of funding. We will discuss:

  • What are the opportunities with OBC?


OBC program leaders speak at regional and national conferences and other events to advocate for greater mutual accountability between school and service providers.

Outcomes Based Contracting to Compel Mutual Accountability
CUBE 2023 Conference
Thursday, Sept. 14, 9:30 a.m. CT, in Chicago, IL

OBC Director Brittany Miller will present on some of the nation’s first outcomes-based RFPs and contracts to require a substantial portion of payment to be contingent on outcomes for students in urban communities.

2023 Outcomes Based Contracting Convening:
A Marketplace for Mutual Accountability
Sept. 19-21 in Dallas, TX

The OBC team is hosting partners, district leaders, state education agency leaders, advocates, non-profit leaders, researchers, and funders to explore the five steps of OBC and build a community of practice.

Registration is now closed. Join us next year!

Past Events

Please find an archive of our past webinars, speaking engagements, and conference appearances.

Introduction to Outcomes Based Contracting
OBC Service Provider Webinar Series | Sept. 7, 2023 | Recording (coming soon)

Outcomes Based Contracting to Drive Accountability and Data Use
Webinar with Project Unicorn | Aug. 8, 2023 | Recording

Outcomes Based Contracting cohort site visit
Duval County Public Schools site visit | April 2023 | Recap

Unlocking Your Power Through Outcomes-Based Contracting
Webinar with The Center for Education Market Dynamics | April 6, 2023 | Recording

First annual Outcomes Based Contracting Convening
Convening by the Southern Education Foundation | October 2022 | Blog