Outcomes Based Contracting Resources

SEF lays the foundations for future OBC work in education at the state and school district levels. We provide public resources, such as toolkits for high-performing programs and services that achieve measurable, long-term student outcomes.

Outcomes Based Contracting Toolkit

This Outcomes Based Contracting school district toolkit is designed to deepen your learning and understanding of OBC. It also provides tools for drafting your RFPs, establishing prices, and monitoring implementation. This toolkit can be used by academics, finance, and contracting teams within your district. Click the button below to download the entire toolkit.

Toolkit Contents

OBC Playbook

This is a playbook for K-12 district leaders to learn about outcomes based contracting and equip them to implement outcomes based contracts in their districts. In addition, this playbook is valuable to vendors who seek to learn about OBC and to use OBC in their bids.

RFP Template

This customizable tool can be used in crafting an outcome based contracting bid document. It is best used after reading the OBC Playbook and using the Rate Card Calculator.

Continuous Improvement Guide

This guide provides districts, schools, and vendors a clear and structured approach to using data to drive improvement in your program. The guide includes customizable checklists, templates, and resources.

Rate Card Calculator

This customizable spreadsheet provides pricing models and a dynamic pricing calculator that provides various pricing and student achievement scenarios and overall project budgets. It is best used after reading the OBC Playbook.

Guidance for Using Assessment Results to Influence Tutoring Outcomes

This document is currently under development.