Outcomes Based Contracting
for K-12 Districts

Outcomes Based Contracting (OBC) requires that a significant portion of contractor payment be contingent upon student growth. OBC’s objectives are to dramatically improve student outcomes and to reshape the relationship between school districts and vendors. Outcomes based contracting directly links expenditure of school district resources to improving student outcomes. This work addresses pervasive equity gaps, and supports collaborative partnerships between districts and vendors that will better meet student needs and achieve better results.

OBC Cohort Districts

2024 OBC Cohorts Map


Denver Public Schools (CO)
Duval County Public Schools (FL)
Ector County Independent School District (TX)
Fulton County Schools (GA)


Colorado Springs District 11 (CO)
Jackson Public Schools (MS)
Santa Ana Unified School District (CA)
Uplift Education (TX)


Cleveland Metropolitan School District (OH).
Fresno Unified School District (CA)
Hillsborough County Public Schools (FL)
Jefferson County Public Schools (CO)
Orange County Public Schools (FL)
Colorado Springs D11 (CO)
Duval County Public Schools (FL)
Santa Ana Unified School District (CA)
Uplift Education (TX)


SEF lays the foundations for future OBC work in education at the state and school district levels. We provide public resources, such as toolkits for high-performing programs and services that achieve measurable, long-term student outcomes.

Outcomes Based Contracting Toolkit

Our free resources are designed to deepen district learning and understanding of Outcomes Based Contracting. These tools provide templates and guides for drafting RFPs, establishing prices, and monitoring implementation. Resources include:

  • OBC Playbook
  • RFP Template
  • Contract Template
  • Rate Card Calculator
  • Continuous Improvement Guide
  • and more!


For more information about SEF’s Outcomes Based Contracting initiative, please email at obc@southerneducation.org or fill out the form below.