Join leaders from 30+ districts and states for our third annual Outcomes Based Contracting Convening in Austin, Texas. We can fund up to 120 leaders to participate in the OBC Convening.

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OBC hosts an annual convening that brings together participating districts, education experts, and key stakeholders to share best practices, discuss challenges, and explore emerging trends in outcomes based contracting. 

The goal of the OBC annual convening is to ensure district leaders have the skills, knowledge, and ambition to grow long-term OBC practices in their systems that will help to improve student outcomes.

What to Expect: Our 2024 OBC Convening will be a time to come together with other district and state leaders to:

  • Develop and deepen knowledge in OBC principles, practices, and the “why” for OBC
  • Operationalize OBC as a lever for equity 
  • Understand the impact of OBC and share lessons learned 
  • Commit to clear and practical next steps to further OBC in your organization
  • Develop and deepen partnerships with other OBC leaders

“I no longer want to purchase things and say, ‘Well, we hope it happens.’ I want to know!”

said Paula Renfro, Chief Academic Officer of Duval County Public Schools

“It just makes sense that we pay for quality service,”

Scott Muri, superintendent of the Ector County Independent School District in Odessa, Texas, told Education Week.

“The contract holds us accountable and it holds the provider accountable. We both have to perform.”


Convening Location
The Holdsworth Center
4907 Ranch Rd 2222, Austin, TX 78731

Convening Dates
September 23 – 25, 2024

Places to see and visit in Austin

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Do I need to make my own travel reservations?

No, the OBC team will arrange all reservations for district leaders who are attending

What if I am a provider, can I attend?

The convening is for district leaders only but we will be hosting a Provider Summit September 25-26 specifically for providers. More information coming soon!

What is Outcomes Based Contracting?

Outcomes based contracting is a fiscally responsible model in the K-12 instructional marketplace that aligns the interests of education companies and school districts with the broader goal of enhancing student outcomes. Currently, many school districts pay external providers for their services regardless of whether those services actually improve student outcomes. Simply put, districts should not pay for interventions and services that do not improve student outcomes.

Outcomes based contracting  is gaining traction in education for its ability to improve outcomes and equity. By 2030, one million students will receive instructional services under outcomes-based contracts, and two million student outcomes will be met.

Why should I attend the Convening?

By attending the Convening, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Outcomes based contracting and its potential to revolutionize the educational landscape. You’ll learn how OBC aligns the interests of education providers and school districts to prioritize student outcomes. This event provides a unique opportunity to explore practical strategies for implementing OBC in your district, fostering accountability, and driving meaningful improvements in student achievement.

When is the Fall Convening?

This year’s convening will be held September 23-25, 2024 in Austin, TX at The Holdsworth Center, 4907 Ranch Rd 2222, Austin, TX 78731.

How much is registration?

We can fund up to 120 leaders (2 per district) to participate in the OBC Convening. Please complete the registration interest form below, and we will confirm whether we can extend a registration voucher to you. 

Registration vouchers will cover the cost of participant flight, hotel, and food expenses. Because space is limited, registration interest forms will be reviewed prior to registration vouchers being confirmed. Should your registration voucher be approved, you will receive a confirmation email, including next steps to confirm your registration. Please see our website for more information about Outcomes Based Contracting. For questions about the OBC convening, please email 

How can I register for the Fall Convening?

Please complete the interest form. Once OBC confirms if you meet the eligibility requirements to attend the convening, we will send you the registration information.

Who should attend the Fall Convening?

This convening is best suited for district and state leaders who are making decisions about instructional supports for students and those making the budgetary decisions to support this work.

How can I join the outcomes based contracting cohort?

Each year, Outcomes Based Contracting hosts two cohorts of 6-8 districts to familiarize them with the OBC model and help them in its implementation process. Our next cohort will launch in January 2025 and run through December, providing a prime opportunity for your district to explore and potentially implement OBC in high dosage tutoring or for edtech instructional interventions. By joining our cohort you will engage in a collaborative learning environment while gaining insights, sharing challenges, and receiving hands-on coaching from our team and expert facilitators.

The cohort is open to administrators and district leaders interested in implementing outcomes based contracting in their district. Please visit

Who can I contact for more information about joining the cohort?

If you are interested in applying or have further questions, please contact the OBC team at

What are some examples of successful OBC initiatives in various school districts?

  • Ector County ISD used Outcomes Based Contracts for a total of $4.7 million in contracts with tutoring providers, delivering high-impact math and literacy tutoring to 5,000 third through eighth-grade students who scored “did not meet” on the Spring 2021 STAAR assessment. This resulted  in 50% of the students achieving targeted growth outcomes and prompting the district to expand the OBC model into additional areas of instructional services.
  • In Colorado Springs District 11, district leaders prioritized implementing OBC for high-impact math tutoring in grades four through eight, with a goal of achieving math proficiency as measured by the Renaissance STAR assessment and with an emphasis on increasing growth and proficiency levels. In spring 2023, 185 students accessed tutoring, achieving an 81 percent attendance rate. Based on this success, fostered by the mutual accountability in the contract, the district expanded OBC tutoring.